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Are These Guys The 2016 Billfish Masters Of South Florida?

Author: Bullbuster Team

South Florida Billfish Masters Of 2016

Double Threat Charters has quickly become one of the most recognized charter boats in South Florida.  Their slogan of "No Fish Is Safe"  seems to be true because in the past few years they have put their clients on everything from bonefish to blue marlin and all of this out of South Florida.  This year has been a great year for Billfish for the dynamic duo of Capt. Nick Gonzalez and Capt. Brent Feder and their crew aboard Double Threat  Fishing Charters.   

Sailfishing In South Florida
Double Threat Charters runs a 38ft. Chris Craft based out of Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove, Fl.

This year Double Threat Charters has landed every species of billfish you can think of in South Florida for their customers.  Sailfish, White Marlin, Blue Marlin, and Swordfish (well maybe they are missing a spearfish) have all been taken this year by the Double Threat crew.  Double Threat has been consistently one of the top boats in the fleet for Sailfish, and Swordfish, and their attention to detail and persistence has given them a shot at marlin which are rarely caught in South Florida. 

Lets get started with the species countdown!

1) Catching Sailfish In South Florida

Double Threat Fishing Charters catches sailfish the whole year for their customers.  Winter through fall though is when the fishing really takes off for them.  It is not uncommon to see Double Threat Charters coming in from a half day with double digit flags for sails when you drive the the Dinner Key, Marina in Coconut Grove.  These guys make a great team and it shows!

Kite Fishing For Sailfish In South Florida
Double Threat catches sailfish kite fishing all year round, but the winter and spring months the bite goes off.

2) Catching Swordfish In South Florida 

The Bullbuster Team has watched Double Threat Charters rise as one the top boats in South Florida when it comes to swordfishing, having attended many of Swordfish trips, and seeing them get better and better every single trip.  This crew works as a great team to present their baits to daytime swords in a way they cannot resist.  They are always willing to try new things, and because of they learn from failures and innovate.  Check out the video below, they are hooked up on two daytime swordfish at once. If you are from South Florida you know that the current can be challenging. This is an excellent team and they make it happen.   There is no question, if you want to catch a swordfish, Double Threat Charters is a top boat to give it a shot.  They often catch multiple swordfish a day and more often than not, get a mixed bag of swords and mahi. 

Daytime Swordfishing In South Florida
Cpt. Brent Feder intently watches the tip as his bait gets wrecked by a big daytime sword. Intense focus is required when waiting for a bite from more than 1,000 feet below.

Daytime Swordfish On The Deck
This marker daytime sword is one of dozens of swords caught by them this year.

Daytime Sword
Cpt. Steven Stallings fished with the Double Threat crew last week to land this and several other nice daytime swords.

Daytime Swordfish Islamorada
Another nice daytime sword caught in the Florida Keys by the crew of Double Threat charters while fishing with Cpt. Steven Stallings.

3) Catching A Blue Marlin In South Florida

Not that many blue marlin are caught in Miami every year.  These guys have been pretty consistent by catching two in the past year.  To make make it even more impressive, the blue marlin they caught have been caught using 25Lb Bullbuster Mono.  We send out props to them on these impressive catches on light tackle.  Catching a big fish like a blue marlin on such light tackle takes a lot of cooperation between the captain, the mate, and the angler.  These guys make a great team and can work well with their customers for excellent results. 

Blue Marlin Miami
Cpt. Brent bills a nice Miami blue marlin caught on 25Lb test Bullbuster Mono and an Islander.

4) Catching A White Marlin In Miami

Catching a nice white marlin can win you $1,000,000 at the white marlin open up in Maryland.  Catching a white marlin in Miami may not make you rich, but it definitely is a badass surprise in your kite spread. Only a few White Marlin show up in Miami  per year and only the best boats that consistently keep their kite spreads out with fresh baits, get there one in a million shot. So of course, Double Threat Charters got their white this year. 

Nice White Marlin In Miami

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