Bullbuster In Action:

An Emerging Star For The LBSF In The FWC Debacle

Author: Bullbuster Team

The Only One In The Room With His Head On Straight

Business man and investor Gary Nicklaus has the courage to stand up to a room of full of characters.  Despite a fire alarm interruption, this is your man. This is the guy who is going to make it happen.  

This is who you want at the FWC. 

The Characters 

Uninformed Ignorant Tourist Sometimes Local (Friend Not Foe)  

You are never going to convince this guy about anything with shark fishing, he is not your enemy but you can do some simple common sense stuff not to bother this guy.  Fish at night and clean up after yourself.  Use some common sense. Teach the young ones that sense.  Don't Shark fish with a ton of people swimming. 

Slimy Politician (Usually Backed With An Agenda)

What Is Joshua Kellam's Agenda?  What Are His Aspirations?... Find Out.

Guy Trying To Keep His Job 

Waste of your time. 

Emotionally Compromised By Slander

We know no one is out there using cats and dogs.  But she heard it and you are never going to make her un-hear it.  It sucks, but move on. 

If you haven't seen the video already below is a link to the full video.