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Author: Big Bully Outdoors

Greater Amberjack, Great Fight, Even Sicker On Topwater Plugs!

Greater Amberjack are known for their power.  This is a strong fighting fish commonly caught on jigs, live bait and lures.  Winter water temps in the Gulf of Mexico really get them fired up.  Recently Capt Andrew was throwing around a large topwater plug.  Chugging it along to see what he could bring up to the surface.  It wasn't long until he had followers.  BIG Amber Jack were chasing it in packs of 5-10.  Just missing the treble hooks and making a commotion on the surface.  

greater amberjack

Set up for these fish are hefty.  Penn Battle 6000 filled with 50lb Bullbuster Braid, 60lb Fluorocarbon to a 6/0 circle hook.  These fish was a fun fight, always making runs towards the bottom.  He was able to land a few on topwater and live bait.  Tagging his largest for Gray Fish Tag Research.  Recreational harvest opens in FL Gulf waters January 1st. 

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