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Author: Tyler Garner

I'm Tyler Garner, I'm from central North Carolina. I've been a avid fisherman for many years. Just in the last few years I have started land based shark fishing. I am a member of a small tight knit shark fishing team. We are mostly comprised of emergency services personnel and health care workers. We are over excited to be part of the Bullbuster team! If anyone has any questions about land based shark fishing don't hesitate to ask. I will also do my best to post up to date North Carolina fishing reports as they come in. Speaking of...

Here are the latest fishing report for the Southport/Oak Island area fishing report. Kings are here! Blue fish are the bait of choice right now on these. Some black drum 12"-18" are being caught on the beach and the river, shrimp is working very well on these guys. Off the beach the Black Sea bass bite is picking up.

Everyone keep a eye out I will post as much info as much as I can!

If anyone shark fishes in North Carolina please go like North Carolina land based shark fishing on Facebook. We are a family friendly page and we try to post fishing reports on there as well. All the admins on there are always more than willing to answer questions and give as much advice a second possible on this up and coming sport.

Also if you already shark fish and aren't part of the Apex Predator program please feel free to ask how to become a partner of the awesome program. This program allows us to catch sharks, tag them and report the catch with the sex amen length to NOAA and if some else's catches the same shark they are to report the catch and the original angler gets a report of where and when the shark was caught and any change in size.

Good luck everyone and tight lines!

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