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A Tour Of My Bay Boat

Author: Albert Acosta

Epic 22SC Bay Boat

Epic 22SC
The Epic Tails

They say that a dog is a mans best friend......it is but my boat is my close second! I live and fish in Florida so when I searched for my first new boat I was looking for a boat that would meet certain specifications that i was looking for. I do a variety of fishing and other water activities so I needed a boat that was versatile and would meet my demands on the water. 

Below is a video of an un-customized version of my boat posted by "Boat Show Channel" On Youtube

I was looking for a boat that would not break my bank account as well as achieving my demands. I am very fortunate to live 25 minutes from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale so I am close to a multitude of marinas, boat dealers and the Miami and Ft Lauderdale Boat Shows. I go to the boat shows every year at least to look and dream as well as see all the new boats, equipment, and tackle that comes out.

If you have never been to a South Florida Boat Show you have to do it...they are truly awesome! I went to the Miami Boat show in 2013 just to browse around really not looking for a boat. While boat browsing I came across the Epic Boat booth and was very impressed with what I saw. I wanted a boat that I could use to fish Florida Bay, the flats, the backcountry, as well as be able to fish offshore and run the shallows of the Gulf of Mexico. 

The Epic 22SC Bay Boat was meeting those qualifications very impressively for a great price. I also wanted a boat that had some comfort as well with comfortable seats, storage, and dry ride. The Epic 22SC Bay Boat was giving me all that. I also wanted a boat that could do other things when I was not fishing like snorkeling, sand bar hopping or just cruising around.

 I set up a test drive of the boat at the dealer and explained to them what I wanted with engine and prop. I wanted an engine that was quiet, good on gas, and had the power to get out of shallow water and plain quickly without digging into the grass or mud. The dealer set the boat up with a Suzuki 150 4 Stroke and made the prop specifications for me. 

When I test drove the boat I took my brother and my wife and the dealer rep was on board. I test drove the boat with the live wells filled and was impressed with how easily it got to plain in shallow water....the motor was also extremely quiet. I have to tell you that I was hooked after I test drove it and made the deal the next weekend. So after adding some extras to the boat Garmin GPS/Fish Finder, swim ladder, and bimini top I picked her up and took her to her new home....I named her the Epic Tails. 

The Epic Tails
Bay Boat

The boat has two live wells, one under the front seat 15 gallons and the other a tournament live well 35 gallons behind the leaning post. The boats live wells have high speed pick up as well as recirculating pump and aerating features. This is great feature so when your in shallow water you can turn on the aerator and not suck up mud or grass when your in the shallows. The boats live wells are excellent and I keep all types of bait alive all day in my wells shrimp, pinfish, mullet, jacks, ladyfish and ballyhoo. Both live wells are lighted for night fishing as well. The boat comes with crazy rod storage and holders. 

Great Lines and Storage
Epic View of Miami

You have 8 rod holders on the center console 4 on each side, 4 rod holders in back of the leaning post,  vertical rod holders 2 on each side of boat, and 7 rod storage on each side of boat in the front storage lockers. You can take an armada of rod combos in this boat...which I do :) 

Leaning Post with Rocket Launchers
Great Rod Holders

 The Epic 22SC has great storage and room to fish. You have a huge storage/fish box in the front. I pack the front fish box with ice and its great. The day I'm not fishing I use it for storage for towels, floats, snorkel gear. The two side rod lockers are great for rods as well as any other gear you might have like boat bags with gear, gaffs, and any other items. Under the center console you have storage as well. Towards the rear of boat you have some small storage under both side seats for shoes or soda cans. 

Then towards rear you have storage in the 2 back compartments for buckets or cast nets and other items. The boat has a 61 gallon fuel tank which is great for the long backcountry trips I do and the Gulf of Mexico trips. It's great to have plenty of fuel for those round trips sometimes Im doing 70 to 80 mile round trips so its nice to know I have the fuel range. 

The boats draft is 18 " so it can go into the shallows with no problem and once you install a trolling motor to the pre wired and mounting pad area you can fish the flats with no problem. The seats are extremely comfortable and out class some top end bay boat seats hands down.....I know this because I have sat in them for my self. The boat rides very smooth and very dry even in a rough chop. 

I have been caught in the bay a few times with storms and have been very impressed with how dry the ride was. The boat is made with a process called resin infusion which makes the boat very strong and light...which is great for fuel savings. Fully loaded lets say with live wells on, 4 anglers, tackle, ice, fuel she hits 42-43 MPH. More than enough speed for the fishing and water activities that I am doing....I do not need 65-75 mph.

I have caught mahi, sailfish, tuna, goliath grouper, seatrout, redfish, snook, all types of sharks, permit, cobia and many other fish in this boat...its a great all around boat. I attached short video of the Epic Tails and some pics so you can see. If you have any questions on the boat just let me know. I hope you enjoyed my article about my bay boat! And remember use Bullbuster braid ,mono, and fluorocarbon on your fishing trips and order online at Bullbuster.net fast shipping and spend more time fishing and out on the water. Here is link to my Instagram account with clip of my bay boat. https://instagram.com/p/BUX7B9...

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