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5 Funniest Fishing Commercials (Countdown)

Author: Bullbuster Team

Funny Fishing Video Countdown

Funny Fishing Commercials

We thought you could use a good laugh so we put this together for ya. Let the countdown begin!  Enjoy!

5) Dorito Fishing Commercial -  Dorito's fanbased commercial submissions usually yield some good stuff!  Check this one out!

4) Geico Commercial  - We all have a friend who had  an EPIC fishing trip!

3) Ugly Stick Commercial -  This commercial is hilarious and it drives home the point that those suckers don't break. 

2) Nitro Boats Commercial -   Try not to get one of these girls, you wont be spending to much fishing.  Make sure you have an eject button handy!

1) Best Outboard Commercial Ever Made! -  This commercial is a hilarious play on words.  "She likes my Johnson!"

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