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4 Year Old Fishes For 8 Hours Non Stop!

Author: Capt Drew

Start Em Young -- Florida Bass Fishing Report

Ian With A Huge Largemouth

Meet Ian,

Ian and his Dad Shanahan have booked me twice now. Ian is 4 years old, turning 5 in February. The first time his dad told he wanted to do an 8 hour trip with his 4 year old, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

Two Huge Peacock Bass

I told him, “Sir, I don’t think your 4 year old is going to last a whole 8 hour day”. He told me, “Well Cap, that’s because you haven’t met Ian”, and boy was he right.

Ian With A Huge Peacock Bass

This kid truly has it in him. Since Ian loves fishing so much, it has made Shanahan have to actually learn about fishing. Ian pushes his father to learn what are the best lines, rods, reels & baits to capitalize on catching fish.

Ian And His Dad With Some Nice Peacocks

It’s Safe to say that Shanahan will be using Bullbuster Braid from here on out. Two times now he’s used my rods with Bullbuster Braid on them and he’s never going back. 

All of my clients are always astonished on how smooth that braid comes off the reel when casting. Most trips, we’re casting super light Shiners on a spinning reel, and they can’t believe how far it casts.

Thanks Bullbuster!

-Capt Drew

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