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3 Day Trip To The World Famous Stick Marsh

Author: Capt Drew

Fishing For Largemouth In The Stickmarsh

We got on em good! CreeZaza aBig Stick Marsh Largemouth

Hey everyone,

I just got back from a 3 day trip to the World Famous Stick Marsh in Fellsmere, Fl. Boy did we get on em!

Not going to lie, I was a little nervous about this trip. The gentleman at the local bait shop was telling me that the fishing hadn’t been good. My best friend Jordan came down from South Carolina to prefish with me two days before my official guide trip to see if we can put something together.

Big Stick Marsh Largemouth Bass
Fat Largemouth Bass In The Stick Marsh

We started to find fish on day one but it just wasn’t that crazy Stick Marsh bite that I was used to. Day two rolls around and my good friend Corey joined us. Mid way through day two, Corey, Jordan and I found this one spot that every time the bobber went down, the fish would be well over 5 pounds.

Big Florida Largemouth Bass

By the time day 3 rolled around, I was able to tell my clients with a lot of certainty that I knew where the big girls were. Sure enough, they absolutely hammered the big Bass Central Florida has to offer. There’s no way I can put pictures of every big fish we caught but here’s a few repeat clients Nicholas, Randy & Nick caught on their guide trip.

Florida Largemouth Bass Fishing
Florida Largemouth Bass Charter

Once again, we owe our successes to the best braid company on the planet. 50 pound Bullbuster braid got those big   Bass in the boat flawlessly. Super proud of being a small part of such a great company.

Thank you sincerely for reading and I hope you enjoyed it,

-Capt Drew

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