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2021 First Tournament Of The Year Recap & Kingfish Tactics

Author: Mike Milewski

Team Reel Dreams is back at it again for 2021! Had had our first SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Tournament in Division 10 a few weeks ago. We ended up taking 1st place in our SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) Small Boat Class!!  

We truly wished the bite was red hot for smoker kings, however we were not able to locate the big boy that we wanted! We all worked hard all day and covered a ton of ground for sure. We ran a total of 140 miles round trip for the day but, were only able to find smaller kingfish. But the good news was it was a slow bite for everyone else in our boat class as well. The last bite of the day ended up being the largest fish for us and took the top spot! Some days are just like that and you just have to grind it out and see what happens at the weigh in!  

When we are fishing a Kingfish tournament or solely hunting kings our tactics are very tailored to this species. For one all of our rigs have at least 12-18inches of wire, since kingfish will slice right through mono or floro carbon leader material. In addition, all our down baits and flat lines will have a stinger (treble hook) attached as well. Kingfish as known to come from behind an attach/swipe the bait in a very aggressive manor. Countless number of times we get the king to the boat and they are only hooked in the skin with one barb or the treble hook. It is mind blowing!! Also brings me to my next point of making sure your drags are set LIGHT!!! Typically, we are only fishing a few lbs of drag (3lbs) to avoid pulling hooks which will happen all the time if you pump your drag up!!  

When conditions are perfect, we prefer to drift to find our kingfish. Perfect conditions would consist of a south east/ east wind, with the current running to the north of 1-3mph. This will allow us to fly our kite of the front of the boat with two-three live baits, two down baits and a few flat lines. If we do not have any current or zero wind (summer time conditions) then we will bump troll our baits. No matter what our bait selection remains the same. Gogs, blue runners, ribbon fish and possibility a speedo for our long line.  

Conditions are always changing throughout the day, so make sure you are prepared for all scenarios and never give up! Keep grinding until the last minute of the day, you never know when the bite you need is going to happen!!  


Tight lines! Get em!!  

Thanks as always for bullbuster for making the best products!!!  

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