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2018 Pau Hana Fishing Tournament

Author: Pauly Luuwai

Aloha Gang!  This year had a great turn out for the Pau Hana fishing tournament.  25 boats participated and plenty of Ono, Ahi, and Marlin were weighed in.  

The following boats participated in this years event:

Leislie Ann  - Caught two Ono's (22.5 Lbs + 24.5 Lbs)

Pilani Girl

Ahi Girl

Miki - Caught an Ono (13.5 Lbs)

Waioleka - Caught an Ono (17.5Lbs ) and a Marlin (139.5 Lbs)

Kaimalu - Caught a Marlin (116.5 Lbs)

Marlin Grando

Akemi K - Caught and Ono (18 Lbs) and a Marlin (318 Lbs)

Kupua'a - Caught an Ono (8Lbs) and a Marlin (201 Lbs)

Hula Girl

Kaili Kai

Bite Me III - Caught two Marlin (150Lbs and 130Lbs)

J-Crew - Caught an Ahi (115 Lbs)

Rosie K

Laurra Lei - Caught a Marlin (115 Lbs)

Miller Time - Caught two Ono (13.5 Lbs and 11.5 Lbs)

Poke Monster

Shirley Jean - Caught an Ahi (120.5 . Lbs)


Carla H - Caught an Ahi (116 Lbs)

Spirit Of Aloha  - Caught an Ono (21.5 Lbs)

Justin Barit

Kai Nui - Caught two marlin (190.5 Lbs and 145.5 Lbs)

Bite Me - Caught an Ono (23 Lbs)

Small Baoto

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