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2017 Fin Addict Kayak Tournament

Author: Oscar Castillo

It’s been a couple weeks since the 6th annual Fin Addict Kayak tournament took place. If you haven’t attended any of the events then you’re missing out! If you don’t already know what theses tournaments are for then let me inform you on what it’s all about. These tournaments take place to get the community involved fishing but that’s not all, it also supports Fin Addict Angler Foundation to keep on providing free kids fishing clinics. That’s a real simple explanation on what its all about but if you want to see for yourself what its all about then you need to attend some of these events!

I don’t think you could say it enough but big thank you to all sponsors who supported this years kayak tournament and with out any of our sponsor’s generosity we could not have had such a great turnout.

These tournaments are not just “tournaments” because everybody knows everybody and when we come to events such as the kayak tournament, shoreline tournament and even the boat tournament. We have friends, family and everyone who comes down to support theses events are the people who make every single tournament great because everybody is willingly to help each other no matter what fishing group they're in but what it all boils down too is we are all here to support a great organization with a cause. #FinAddictAnglerFoundation #RU1?

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