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2017 Fin Addict 40hr Shoreline Tournament

Author: Christopher Meza

2017 Fin Addict Shoreline Tournament

Shoreline Tournament

Fin Addict 6th annual 40hr shoreline tournament is finally here and This time around will be my second time fishing this tournament. Last year’s tournament was more of a learning experience because I saw how packed and prepared every angler was.  During last year’s tournament I wasn’t able to hold down a spot or even setup till after the tournament had started. Had a decent spot but couldn’t produce any real tournament contender red fish but I did catch three red fish in the 20-22in range.

Fin Addict

This year I was able to get off the day before and setup up and luckily Lalo, Albert, friends and his family held down table 7 and 8. Thursday evening I tossed a few rods out but not really trying to fish and catch before the tournament. Highs winds from the north and a front had killed the bite during the week and we hoped that did not affect the fishing for the weekend. Friday was tournament day but it didn’t start till 6pm officially. Around 3pm we went by to pick up our fin Addict tournament shirt, ruler, number card, bull buster 10% off code and a reference sheet of common fish for saltwater and freshwater. We went back at 5:30pm for group meeting discussing rules and what time all SD cards with photos of fish must be submitted before 10am Sunday morning.

Finaddict raffle prizes from sponsors
Some raffles prizes I won this past weekend

The funs begins now, 40hrs of pure fishing off the bank and seeing who can catch the biggest red fish, catfish, hybrid and get the most total inches of combined fish. High winds from the north during the week and the front that rolled through killed the bite during the tournament. We used every bait, combination of baits, making different rigs and different scents but fishing was that slow. 

Around 11pm on Friday I re-baited with some fresh crawfish and shrimp fish bites together. I remembered I had some gulp spray in crawfish scent and I decide to spray some of that on the shrimp and crawfish combination. Around 4am Saturday morning I had to use the restroom and did not want to get out of my sleeping bag but I had to so as I was coming back to my cot to lay back down I heard my drag go off and I walked over and saw my rod bouncing and I knew I had a fish on. As I started reeling in it felt like a rat red because I was just dragging in the fish so wasn’t too happy about that but as I got it closer I noticed it was a catfish and a decent size at that. Got it to the bank and brought out the ruler and got a measurement of 26 and half. 

Later that day around 8pm we had joseph of fishing reactant compound try out on of his new not yet on market dead or alive compound on some of our baits. Within 30 minutes of fishing I hit a 24in red and after that I didn’t catch nothing. Albert and some of his family members had a run of redfish on Sunday around 8am or so and the biggest being 27inches.

As time neared 10 am I had to drop off my SD card so that the final decision on who won what categories can be finalized. Since fishing was slow and not hearing too much on catfish I knew I had a good chance of winning the catfish side pot. It was finally time and everyone gathered by to hear from Oscar who won what category. 

They started with the most total inches then the biggest hybrid and finally the Catfish category, once I heard 26 and half inch catfish I knew I had one the side pot.

Winning catfish on Bullbuster mono

Thanks to the whole Fin Addict crew for putting on an awesome tournament and congrats to all the winners this year. Ill definitely be back fishing next year’s tournament but this time I want to be holding the 1st place trophy!

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