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2017 Fin Addict 40hr Shoreline Tournament

Author: Oscar Castillo

A real great turnout this past weekend for our 6th Annual 40 hour shoreline tournament and thanks to all sponsors who to took part in this great event because without your generosity we could not have had such a great turnout.  Not only does this tournament bring the whole community to fish together but it also supports the Fin Addict Angler foundation. If you haven’t heard about the Fin Addict angler foundation or been to any of the kids fishing clinics then head over to FINADDICTANGLER.ORG.

This year’s tournament had between 148 to 159 anglers fishing this past weekend. This event is not just anglers who come out but family and friends who come out to enjoy the family time, cooking out and of course fishing.  Calaveras Lake is a decent size lake but when its tournament time this lake gets packed real fast.  Besides all the anglers we had fishing, we easily had about 600 people who showed up to support.

We have three different divisions, Men’s, Women’s and kids.  In the men’s divisions we have 5 overall winners and the kids and women’s have one top overall winner for each division.  Real simple layout for categories and that’s for the Biggest red fish and then we have four side pots for the biggest Catfish, Hybrid, Most total inches and the Most total spots on a red fish.

This year’s biggest red fish in the men’s division was a 36in Freshwater red fish caught by Eddie Bustos and he also took the most total spots with 41 spots on one side. 

In the men’s division for second place we had Thomas Ayala with a 31in freshwater red fish. 

In third place we had a 30in red fish caught by Joe Pena. 

Fourth place we had a 28in red fish caught by Jesse Laredo. 

Fifth place we had a 28in red fish caught by Ala Joseph.  

In the women’s division we had a 30in freshwater red fish caught by lakita Martin. 

In the kids division we had a 27 ½ in Freshwater red fish caught by Noel Moreno. 

For the catfish side pot we had a 26 ½ in catfish caught by Christopher Meza 

For the hybrid we had an 18 ½ in caught by Ray McClellan. 

The Most total inches this year was 76 ½ inches and all caught by Christopher Rivera.

Once again thanks to all our sponsors, all anglers and everybody who came out to show support and thank you for believing in what we do!

Tournament day with Albert, Oscar, Chris and Lalo

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