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2017 Columbus Anglers Club Bud N' Mary's Fishing Trip

Author: Christopher Columbus High School Fishing Club

Islamorada Fishing Trip For The CCHS Fishing Club

This past saturday 22 of the Columbus Angler Club members boarded the schools old faithful Columbus Express and cruised down to the Florida Keys world famous marina (Bud N' Mary's) to fish on the Miss Islamorada.

3rd Annual Bud N' Mary's Trip For The CCHS Fishing Club

 The marina was recovering the from devastating affects of  hurricane Irma, but was up and running as usual and in good keys spirit. This trip was the is the clubs third annual trip to Bud N’ Mary’s and is always the most exciting
and productive trip for fish for the club. 

Member Loosing A Bet = Time To Lick A Fish

The boys put their fishing skills to the test and had a very productive day on the water. A variety of fish were caught such as mangrove snappers, cero mackerel, spanish mackerel, yellowtail snappers, gag groupers, red grouper, and surprisingly one bonefish that was caught in 80ft of water! The boy’s put the Bullbuster monofilament fishing line to the test and it proved to be nothing short of the toughest fishing line on the market. The fishing line held up to the fishing conditions, bottom
fishing, and hauling up large yellowtails. The highlight of the day was when sophomore Ahren Myers put his skills to work and gracefully reeled up a flag of a yellowtail that measured in at 22". Yellowtails would usually top out at three feet but he’ll take the 22’’. All in all, Saturday was a day for the boys of the Columbus Anglers Club as they brought home fresh fish to their family. The fish we’re properly sorted, filleted, or gutted at the docks so that fresh fish can be brought home. 

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