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2017 Blue Catfishing Day 1

Author: Team Reel Deal

Fishing For Blue Cats On Potomac River

First day back on the water for some blue catfish stared out the day at 5 am driving an hour south to Washington DC. We unloaded the boat to head down river to catch some bait. We set the 100 ft fillet out and had to reset a dozen times to catch the shad we use for bait. We managed to get 8 shad which isn't good this time of year we should have gotten a lot more then that but I believe the water is still to warm for the bait and the bite on the lower Potomac.

We headed back up into DC and set up under the memorial bridge where it took less then 10 min to hook up to this 30lb blue catfish. Figured it was gonna be a good day but I was wrong it took another hour to land another little blue cat that was only 23 lbs. Then day 2 I was able to take my buddy to the same spot where he landed another 30 Lber and a flat head. I really enjoy taking people down that have never got to fight these big blues and he ended up catching a little flat head as well which we've never caught in the 6 yrs I've been going down so just that made the trip worth it. 

If your looking for bulk mono or braid go check out bullbuster.net and when checking out use promo code cjone to get 10% off your order. I hope to have a lot more pictures in the upcoming weeks of some giant blue catfish and team reel deal will also be heading to va for some monster musky in late Nov early Dec. Tight lines my friends!

Flat Head Catfish

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