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Author: Adrenaline Rush Charters

Fishing Report, Kings, Porgys, Sannpers, and Goliath Grouper.

Well. Fishing has been decent past few days. Steady catching snappers porgys and kingfish. Ive found the snappers biting a little better in shallower. Out on the edge has been rank with the blue runner so I've been concentrating on the shallower patch reefs and rock piles and wrecks inside 100 ft of water. If you do put time in out past 100 ft the water has been a little colder so its pushed nicer vermillion snappers in shallower and you can pick them decent whilst weeding thru the blue runners. You can fish either slide or chicken rig for the snappers. The kings have been all over the size range from lil snakes up to 30-40 lbs. with reports of much larger ones crashing theu for some. Ive have my best luck with them inside 70 ft of water the past few days. 

All catches been made on 30lb bullbuster mono main line and 40-60 bullbuster flourocarbon leader.

The Goliath Grouper.

Made a trip this past thursday with a repeat customer. He really wanted to catch a goliath grouper after we parted one off on the wreck on his last trip with me. We left the dock at about 8 am. Popped out the inlet and hit a close bait spot to catch small blue runners. Using hi lo rigs made with 40 lb bullbuster and attached to 30 mainline bullbuster. We started catching blue runners and a couple small snappers right off the bat. Then all of a sudden with a stringer of runners coming up a shadow of a creature followed them up. It was what the customer was hoping for. I grabbed the big rod. Hooked up a live blue runner as bait and sent him down. The shadowy creature already swam back down to the depths but it didnt take more than 20 seconds and he found the bait. Harnessed up the customer and the battle commenced. Straight savage tug of war for about 5 minuted then we had him to the surface. First goliath so of course he jumps in the water for a pic. Well with the target species off the list we continued fishing. Catching kings muttons and african pompanos. 

king, mutton, african pompano


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