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10 Wildest Hammerhead Videos Of All Time

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Hammerhead Attack Videos On The Web

To get you guys pumped for shark season, we decided to put together a compilation of the best hammerhead videos on the web! 

Hammerhead Attacks Tarpon

1) Hammerhead Destroys A Tarpon In The Florida Keys & Almost Bites Drunk Mans Hand Off!

This video posted by Kevin Johnsen is just WILD! Every year there are monster hammerheads down in the Florida Keys that wreck even the biggest of tarpon.

2) Big Hammerhead Chases Blacktip Up Onto The Beach!

This footage captured by BlacktipH is pretty common in the early spring believe it or not, when the Blacktip's are around the Hammerheads are lurking!

3) Hammerhead Attacks West Coast Of Florida Tarpon

This video posted by udsbrian features a massive  hammer taking down a tarpon!

4) This Time Its The Other Way Around! 

This video posted by Ryan Willsea which was later picked up by National Geographic features a massive tiger shark taking down a hammerhead out on an oilrig! 

5) Hammerhead Chases Kayak For Bonita: 

If you are a Landbased shark fisherman this one probably gives you chills. This video posted by "TheYakattackFl" features a hammerhead that smells bonita blood dripping from a kayak and comes to close for comfort to check it out. 

6) Hammerhead Attacking A Blacktip With Bullsharks 

This video posted by Outdoors360 called "The Real Sharknado" features a big hammerhead attacking a blacktip and a pack of Bullsharks joining in on the fun!

7) This Hammerhead Scared A Few People Out Of The Water

This video features a hammer that decided to attack a tarpon right next to a bunch of people in the water.  We are sure a few pissed their pants!

8) No More Sashimi 

In this video posted by visual burrito. This hammerhead destroyed a yellowfin tuna leaving not too much for Sashimi. 

9) This Hammerhead Gets Up Close And Personal With The Beach

This video posted by captain Aaron Lowman features a hammerhead that gets lost in all the sand it kicks up while almost pushing a tarpon onto the beach!

10)  Evan Parness With Another Hammer From A Drone Video!

You may remember the epic drone footage of a hammer chasing blacktip's that went viral on facebook.  Here is another one!  Gotta love the epic scores that he pairs with his videos!

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