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10 Awesome Youtube Videos Posted By Bullbuster Ambassadors

Author: Bullbuster Team

1) Double Threat Charters  Epic Video: 

2) Kayak Fishing With Jaren Luke

3) The Tree Guy Hooks A White Marlin Inshore:

4) Cpt. Chip Michalove Featured On Fishing Reports TV For Catching A Great White In SC:

5) L&H Sportfishing Slays The Mahi Offshore:

6) ScottFishTails Loads Up On Peacocks: 

7) Obeseasion Fishing Team Slays Offshore:

8) South End Shark Fishing With Some Bull Reds & A Sandbar Shark:

9) Andrew Benak Sight Casts To Reds: 

10) Tavis Kagawa Gets A Sleigh Ride On His Kayak:

You also can't forget the master of the Youtube fishing world BlacktipH with the most epic mullet run footage we have ever seen! 


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