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10 Awesome Shark Fishing Videos

Author: Bullbuster Team

Best Shark Fishing Videos On The Web

We put a list together of some of the best shark fishing videos on the web!  We hope you enjoy them! 

1) Landbased Sharkfishing For Great Whites In Australia : This videos is one of our all time favorite videos.  First of all its just awesome they are landing great whites, but we like their style. 

2) Catching Blacktip Sharks on lures: Josh Jorgensen from BlacktipH captured some absolutely amazing footage of blacktip sharks taking topwater lures.  There is nothing else like this on the internet period!

3) Thresher From A Kayak: This is an awesome video of a thresher being caught from a kayak!  

4)  Nice Tiger Caught From The Beach!:  LandShark Fishing catches a nice tiger from the beach at night.  Great videography (excellent lighting for night time fishing). A nice shark is caught and there is a nice clean release! 

5) Family Teams Up To Land Bullshark:  You've gotta love this, a great video of a family teaming up to catch a Bullshark.  Start em young guys! Great commentary by the kids!  Great brother and sister team. 

6) Texas TIgers From The Beach!: Great footage of two Texas tigers being landed in one hour. Looks like it was one heck of a trip!

7) Great Compilation Of Texas Sharkfising:  Multiple species caught in this video.  This is a great compilation of texas shark fishing.  Can't hurt to hear a little System Of A Down in the background. 

8) Darcizzle Gets Yanked Around By A Big Bull! :    Fishing star Darcizzle fishes with #BullbusterAmbassador Albert Acosta. They hook a nice bull that gives Darcizzle the fight of a lifetime. Looks like a blast!

9) NFL Linebacker Vs. Big Bullshark:  BlacktipH takes NFL linebacker Sam Barington offshore to challenge some big fish. Who will win?  The linebacker or the bull?

10) Nice Lemon Shark!  :  Video by Shortty's You can't ask for a nice day to be landbased shark fishing. Great Florida weather and a nice lemon! 

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