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How To:
WetWillyBiz Wallet Why You Need It!!


by: WetWillyBiz

Posted On : 2018-May-12

The Perfect Boating Dry Wallet  Store Your Phone, Wallet, Passport, & Important Documents Here in San Diego as private boaters on a small skiff we probably carry a ridiculous amount of paperwork compared to most. You see we fish internat...

How To:
Some Of My Favorite Fishing Related Books


by: WetWillyBiz

Posted On : 2018-May-08

Fishing Books That Have Inspired Me Being a kid I always dreamed of adventure.  Having read The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway only stoked my passion for fishing.  Although I only fished for Trout and Carp at that point in my life I soon found myself on Cattle boats h...

Fishing Report:
Fishing With Colby!


by: WetWillyBiz

Posted On : 2018-May-08

Offshore Fishing San Diego/Mexico5-4-18 I took my friend Colby fishing with the intention of getting some BlueFin Tuna. We launched out of Dana Landing at 5:30am and were on our way out of the MB channel by 6:00. EBros had some great looking sardines and we grabbed a 1/2 scoop. Colby some of you may...

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