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My name is Justin Sanchez, I'm from San Antonio Texas. I started out fishing with my grandfather when i was about 5 years old, i remember going fishing every Saturday after noon at creeks going out towards Bandera Texas. At that time i was just happy catching blue gill on a zebco 33. As time when on i started chasing bigger fishing like bass and catfish, with bigger fish came bigger and badder reels. Here in San Antonio we are lucky to have two lakes that are stocked with freshwater red fish. Once i starting fishing these two lakes i was hooked on catching these monster red fish. I have recently started shark fishing with a few other bullbuster ambassadors, I have also started kayak fishing. I feel that the kayak fishing will get me up close and personal with all the fish species i chase fresh and salt water. On another note I also build custom fishing rods, besides fishing building custom rods has become a real passion and hobby for me. If i'm not fishing creeks, rivers, lakes or the surf im building rods. I have built a few custom rods for a few fellow Bullbuster Ambassadors. I hope I will be able to share all my fishing adventures from fishing creeks to shark fishing the Texas surf. 

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