Alex Wexler

Coral Gables, FL

About Me

I Fish & Make Art, Sometime I Combine Them

My name is Alex and I am a Miami based fisherman/artist. I try to spend as much time as possible on the water chasing everything from tarpon and sailfish in Miami to tunas and sharks in New Jersey. I moved to Miami from New Jersey in 2013 to be able to fish year round.  

I use my time on the water as inspiration when I get home to create works of art. I create illustrations of scenes from the day that stick in my head. I also have started doing "Gyotaku" or "fish printing" and have printed everything from small snappers and tunas to big cudas, amberjacks and sailfish. I try to make the medium my own anyway that I can so I am not just copying the style of another artist.  

Here is a video of one of my sketches:

Here is a video of the Gyotaku process: 

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