"What's the biggest fish you've ever lost?" Ask any fisherman this question and get ready for the fish story. For every record caught, countless records have been lost. These missed opportunities and the sleepless nights that follow haunt each and every one of us. Whether it's a grander that took you to the knot or a 10 pound largemouth that broke the line, losing big fish hurts your soul and your wallet. We know this as much as anybody.

The Bullbuster Team started as a 4 man land based shark fishing team. No, we weren't the best. In fact, we spent a lot of our time getting skunked and losing fish. What we lacked in knowledge we made up for in effort though. For every fish we lost or night spent without a bite, we became that much more hungry. This developed into a life long addiction.

When we first started shark fishing we were only in high school so our budget was tight. A 9/0 reel spooled with 50 pound test was the biggest reel we could afford back then. After watching the reel get dumped to the knot as a massive hammerhead took off into the darkness, we realized that every penny we made needed to be spent on shark fishing. We eventually established an arsenal of 80 pound class reels and figured we were all set. What we didn't consider is that no amount of birthday presents were going to cover the cost of changing our line as frequently as necessary. We couldn't afford to pay full retail for fresh line, but we didn't want to lose any fish. The thought of losing another trophy fish due to lack of preparation didn't sit well with us so we needed a solution.

Since we fished almost every night and used an obscene amount of line, we reached out to a few different outlets in an effort to find fishing line for a wholesale price. We found a few discounts when we ordered in bulk but it still wasn't enough to make shark fishing affordable. Eventually, we decided to buy even more line in bulk and subsidize it by selling the extra line out of the trunk of our car. After some brainstorming and a couple of and forum posts later, Bullbuster Brand Direct Fishing Lines was born.

Our slogan back then was “Direct from our car’s trunk to your reels;” it didn’t catch on very well. Selling solely through forums we we were able to develop a following of fishermen in South Florida who trusted our product. However, driving to meet fishermen at various exits off of I-95 was not only time consuming, but costly. So we went back to the drawing boards and began to devise a new plan in order to improve this kink in our supply chain.

Our solution became the ecommerce platform. Tackle stores are a middle man; they purchase products from manufacturers and sell them to make a profit. Because tackle stores have so much overhead, they need a substantial margin to make a profit. Their margin comes out of your pocket. By selling direct from our website to fishermen, Bullbuster has solved this problem. We were able to cut out the middle man and get line from our doorstep to yours quickly, affordably, and reliably. We know that there are many serious fishermen out there who are just like us. We are all looking for the fish of a lifetime and rather not go bankrupt trying to catch it. Our brand direct business model helps solve this problem as it saves fishermen money. This means less working and more fishing in the long run.

Bullbuster has come a long way since we started but our core values haven't changed. We now sell fishing line all over the world and have used technology to stay in touch with our customers along the way. We understand your addiction and will do everything we can so your fish stories end on a positive note. Try our products out for yourself and if you aren’t satisfied with its performance just send it back. Simple as that.