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Hi-Vis Yellow Monofilament Fishing Line

Pros: Yellow hi-vis fishing lines are great for situations where you need to have a big picture, and see all your lines at once. We get lots of fishermen that use our hi-vis lines for kite fishing so that the whole team can know what is going on when it goes down with a large pod of sails. It is also great for big game fishing such as trolling for large billfish or fishing for big sharks and tuna. It comes in handy in situations where you are fighting big fish and need team communication. We carry Hi-Vis Yellow Monofilament Fishing Lines From 15-200Lb Test. Cons: The name "hi-vis" says it all. There are many situations where your hi-vis lines can prevent you from getting a bite because the fish can see your line more easily. We recommend always using either a long mono leader our fluorocarbon when using hi-vis line.