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Bullbuster brand direct fishing line is the first of its kind. We are the first internet only fishing line dealing directly and exclusively with fishermen instead of tackle stores. Our fishing lines are made for serious fishermen who spool their reels with fresh mono or braid line on the regular and need line delivered to their doorstep. If you are that guy or gal that orders bulk monofilament line or bulk spools of braid at the beginning of the season, then this is the place for you! Expect to spend up to 50% less then retail prices on our bulk monofilaments and braided lines, as brand direct wholesale fishing lines are sold to you at warehouse prices directly from ours.

Whether you are a seasoned tournament fishermen or a serious weekend warrior we know you do not have time to go out and read a bunch of fishing line reviews, you need dependable line, on its way to you on a moments notice and you need it ASAP! Choose from our wide selection of monofilament and braided fishing lines which come in a variety of sizes and colors. All lines are made with only the best domestic and imported materials in order to bring you a line that simply puts more fish in the boat. Expect your line to leave our warehouse within 24 hours of your order M-F and for best results place your order in the morning so it can leave our warehouse the same day. Oh yea, and send us pictures of the monster fish you catch to!

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